actiCAP slim / snap

The actiCAP is the go-to solution for reliable and flexible high-quality EEG recordings. We kept on improving the design of our active electrodes* and here present the latest version: actiCAP slim and actiCAP snap.

actiCAP slim / snapactiCAP active electrode features at a glance

  • Higher impedance recordings – Active circuits for impedance conversion are integrated directly in the electrodes. Impedance conversion already at the electrode level makes it possible to achieve outstanding signal quality even with higher impedances compared to conventional passive electrodes. Hence the preparation time per electrode is reduced tremendously.
  • Wide hardware compatibility – connect actiCAP to any Brain Products amplifier and nearly all existing competitor research EEG amplifier systems.
  • Per-electrode LED impedance feedback* – Multi-color LEDs in the electrodes indicate the impedance ranges. This makes electrode preparation very convenient and fast, since the feedback is given directly at the electrode level without the need to look at a computer screen (e.g. 64ch in approx. 10 minutes).
  • Easy electrode replacement – actiCAP electrodes are very sturdy; however, in the event that an electrode fails, flawless replacement of single electrodes is possible.

New features of actiCAP slim active electrodes

  • Smaller – Our engineers managed to fit all the features of the original actiCAP electrode in a new form factor that is three times thinner. The actiCAP slim is a fully active EEG electrode with impedance conversion circuitry and multi-color LED impedance feedback scaled down by a factor of three.
  • Lightweight – The low center of gravity together with the lower weight reduces motion artefacts in EEG data. This makes it an ideal companion for MoBI (mobile brain/body imaging) research. The lower weight per electrode makes a high-density cap significantly lighter and hence more comfortable to wear.
  • More robust – The new design of the electrode comes with flat pellets that are covered by the electrode housing from the sides. This protects the pellet from accidental damages.
  • Easier preparation – Preparation of the actiCAP was always quick and easy. The larger opening in the actiCAP slim makes the electrode preparation even easier. It now allows the usage of paste for long-term recordings like in sleep research!

New features of actiCAP snap electrode holders

  • Easy-to-use holder that further enhances usability and gives you the flexibility to mix and match electrodes with caps sizes and cap electrode arrangements.
  • Allows inserting and removing electrodes with just a “snap” and a minimum amount of force. Still provides firm hold, also in mobile environments.
  • Different holder colors speed up the setup and prevent electrode placement errors.
  • Gives the flexibility of using a single electrode bundle with different cap sizes or combining multiple bundles for one high-density electrode arrangement.

actiCAP slim vs. actiCAP snap

  • slim: electrode cap with embedded active electrodes
  • snap: electrode cap with slide-in electrode holders, plus actiCAP slim electrode set


* US patent pending

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