BCILABBCILAB is a MATLAB toolbox and EEGLAB plugin for the design, prototyping, testing, experimentation with, and evaluation of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), and other systems in the same computational framework. The toolbox has been developed by C. Kothe at the Swartz Center, inspired by the preceding PhyPA BCI toolbox created by C. Kothe and T. Zander at the Chair for Human-Machine Systems, Berlin Institute of Technology.

BCILAB aims at facilitating and accelerating research in these areas, and supplies tools that simplify all aspects of Brain-Computer Interface research, from design to field testing, and from clinical applications to the general HCI context. We hope that BCILAB is useful for students, experimental scientists, engineers and developers alike. For these reasons, the toolbox offers multiple different interfaces which link to the same backend functionality, including a GUI, scripting support (MATLAB-based), APIs for real-time processing, and a variety of extension component interfaces. MATLAB programming is not strictly necessary, as most BCILAB features can be accessed from the GUI, although it is required for batch scripting and custom extensions. The strength of MATLAB-based software lies in its resources for leading-edge scientific computing, as well as in the good support for rapid prototyping, but BCI systems developed in it can be used for real-time out-of-lab experimentation, and can in principle be deployed without the need for a MATLAB license. However, due to the complexity and overhead of the MATLAB environment, the system is best used as a research platform, and not as a product development environment — end-user software is ideally re-implemented in a compiled language, after a suitable approach has been identified and extensively tested. The process of identifying and testing an approach involves more than just computation, but also data exploration and investigation – an area which is helped by the deep integration with the EEGLAB platform. In the future, this integration will be further strengthened, bringing rich statistical learning and signal processing into routine EEG analysis workflows.

Source: https://sccn.ucsd.edu/wiki/BCILAB#BCILAB


Although Brain Products proudly supports all of our hardware and software solutions, these external toolboxes are not officially supported by Brain Products. We do, however, work closely with the developers to ensure the highest level of integration with our products. 

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