LiveAmp Sensor and Trigger Extension

LiveAmp Sensor and Trigger ExtensionCombining the LiveAmp with the now released sensor and trigger extension (STE) makes it possible to add additional physiological signals to your mobile EEG research. All of this, thanks to the internal memory of the LiveAmp amplifier, completely independent from a recording computer.

The additional inclusion of sensor signals into your mobile EEG research with the LiveAmp is as easy and flawless as 1, 2, 3. Just connect the STE to the LiveAmp from one side and to a standard power bank (as used for any mobile phone) on the other side. Thanks to the included belt clip, you do not even need to worry about fixing the STE to the subject. All LiveAmp sensor and trigger extension connections are compatible with all Brain Products sensors currently on the market.

In addition to the 8 auxiliary (sensor) inputs, the STE offers a connection possibility for 8 input triggers and a connection possibility for 8 output triggers via common standard 9 pin D-Sub connection sockets.


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