LSL for BCI+The lab streaming layer (LSL) is a system for the unified collection of measurement time series in research experiments that handles both the networking, time-synchronization, (near-) real-time access as well as optionally the centralized collection, viewing and disk recording of the data.

The LSL distribution consists of:

  • The core transport library (liblsl) and its language interfaces (C, C++, Python, Java, C#, MATLAB). The library is general-purpose and cross-platform (Win/Linux/MacOS, 32/64) and forms the heart of the project.
  • A suite of tools built on top of the library, including a recording program, online viewers, importers, and apps that make data from a range of acquisition hardware available on the lab network (for example audio, EEG, or motion capture).

There is an intro lecture/demo on LSL here: (part of an online course on EEG-based brain-computer interfaces).



Although Brain Products proudly supports all of our hardware and software solutions, these external toolboxes are not officially supported by Brain Products. We do, however, work closely with the developers to ensure the highest level of integration with our products. 

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