R-NetThe R-Net is Brain Products’ sponge-based electrode system for research applications which was just released in April 2018.

There are particular recording scenarios in which a rapid and gel-free application is advantageous. For some populations, as with sensitive subjects or time-restricted recordings, the R-Net provides a fast and easy preparation. Brain Products strives to meet user demands and customer needs; therefore, the R-Net was introduced to complement our wide-range of electrode sensors, including our active and passive, wet and dry systems. The first demonstrations by our distributors in the USA, UK, and Denmark were well-received by labs who are excited about this new addition to our various electrode types.

The R-Net is available with 32, 64, 96 or 128 channels and takes roughly 3 minutes to prepare, regardless of channel count. Each Ag/AgCl sensor contains an exchangeable but reusable sponge tip. It can be easily prepared with our potassium chloride electrolyte solution, allowing for the fastest preparation time out of all electrode systems. The R-Net is available in three sizes (55cm, 57cm, 59cm). With multiple density arrays, comfortable fit and easy application, the R-Net provides a practical solution for recording under diverse conditions. Finally, repair kits will be available so you can fix a broken electrode yourself without the need to replace the whole R-Net.

If your research requires ultra-fast application, minimal invasiveness and maximum comfort, Brain Products’ R-Net is the only sponge-based system available following the international 10-20 positioning system. The R-Net is fully compatible with our wireless and mobile LiveAmp systems (32 and 64 channels), as well as our stationary gold-standard BrainAmp amplifier series. These solutions provide flexibility in recording high-density EEG from specific populations in a comfortable manner either in- or outside of the lab. On request, the R-Net connector can be customized to any amplifier, providing you the most flexible solution for your research needs and existing laboratory setups.


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