About BCI+


BCI+ Solutions by Brain Products

Brain Products created a new website to showcase our solutions for the BCI+ field. On www.bci.plus we provide a framework of hard- and software to enable high impact research using brain-computer interface technology. This framework can be used in classical brain-computer interface research but also for Neuroadaptive Technology, Neuroergonomics, Physiological Computing, Symbiotic Interaction and more. These fields are not mutually exclusive, but rather intersect methodologically and can be considered BCI+.

With our BCI+ solutions we want to support the wider field of BCI-related technology. We give information on toolbox integrations and blog posts from BCI+ research. We are looking forward to seeing you at conferences, reading your guest blog posts about your BCI+ research, and hearing what is next in #bciplus on Twitter!

BCI+ Hardware by Brain Products

Here you will find a list of EEG amplifiers that are fully compatible with the software components described below.

actiCAP slim / snap

actiCAP slim / snap

... active electrode system with 8 - 160 channels. Easy to use, fast to prepare.

BrainCap / LiveCap

... passive electrode system with up to 256 channels.


... sponge-based electrode system for research applications.
actiCAP Xpress Twist

actiCAP Xpress Twist

... high channel count, dry electrode system.
LiveAmp - wireless EEG amplifier


... compact wireless 24-bit amplifier (8 - 64ch) for mobile EEG applications.
V-Amp - High performance 16ch EEG amplifier


... affordable 16ch amplifier that records
EEG, EOG, ECG, EMG & more.
actiCHamp - active electrode EEG amplifier


... versatile, and affordable 24-bit amplifier
with up to 160 EEG plus 8 AUX channels.
BrainAmp - High quality solution for neurophysiology recordings

BrainAmp Standard & DC

... compact solutions (up to 256ch) for neurophysiology research for various application areas.
BrainAmp ExG - for bipolar and sensor data acquisition

BrainAmp ExG

... amplifier for bipolar and sensor data recordings. Available as an extension or stand-alone.
LiveAmp Sensor and Trigger Extension

LiveAmp Sensor and Trigger Extension

... adding additional physiological signals
to your mobile EEG research.

BCI+ Software

Here you will find software tools that can be applied in different BCI+ domains and information about Lab Streaming Layer, a tool to connect soft- and hardware components in real-time.

BCI Lab for BCI+

... a MATLAB toolbox and EEGLAB plugin for the design, prototyping, testing, etc. of BCIs.


... a software suite for BCI research, commonly used for data acquisition, stimulus presentation, etc.

LSL for BCI+

... a tool to connect soft- and hardware components in real-time.

OpenViBE for BCI+

... a software platform dedicated to designing, testing and using BCIs.